Why DIY Electrical Work During A Full Basement Renovation Is A Bad Idea

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DIY or do-it-yourself activities are a great test of creativity and an excellent opportunity to overcome economic constraints. They can also be therapeutic or a fun leisure activity. However, as the DIY craze catches on and with more information about different technical jobs readily available on the internet, many believe almost any home improvement project can be completed swiftly and economically as a DIY, even electrical work during a full basement renovation.

If you’re redoing your basement and plan on rewiring the place on your own, you have a lot to consider before applying for the necessary electrical permits and renting equipment. To give you an idea of how bad things could get, the experts at Growler Electrical Automation Ltd. have covered the consequences of doing electrical work on your own and without proper training or complete knowledge of the job.

1. Non-adherence to electrical codes and permits.
To install new wiring in your home on your own, you don’t need a license or certification. However, you do need to obtain a legal permit from the Province. This applies to wiring extensions and alterations as well. However, with this permit, you can only tie into the main panel (without physically changing it) and add a sub-panel to an existing main service, provided there is an existing main breaker​. Apart from these rules, there are other codes specific to electrical work in your basement, which you need to be aware of to avoid penalties (during inspections), rework, and safety hazards.

2. Overloaded circuits.
There’s a limited amount of current each electrical circuit can handle, and when you draw more electric power than the set amount, an overload occurs. While overloaded electrical circuits are the hardest to repair, they are also dangerous, especially if you forget to install circuit breakers. The absence of a breaker in the circuit, can cause an overload to produce excessive heat that could melt the wire insulation, and eventually lead to a fire.

3. Additional work and expenses.
Incorrect wiring or electrical installations pose the risk of electrocution and fire hazards. As a result, before you use new electrical components, make sure they are inspected. Unfortunately, this practice is often overlooked, which can put you and your family in a dangerous position. Skipping the inspection can also lead to hefty fines from the State, not to mention additional work to fix the faulty wiring, which doesn’t come cheap! Moreover, if you renovated your basement to increase your home’s value to sell it for a higher price, you may be disappointed when you cannot sell it as a result of unsafe wiring.

Do things right - Hire a professional

A thorough understanding and complete knowledge of the different electrical codes, together with technical experience, are critical to ensure safe and reliable wiring installations in your basement. Professional electricians are trained and educated about the requirements and building codes for effective electrical work in different areas of a house. They also have experience with interior design and strategic layouts, which comes in handy when choosing light fixtures and placing sockets and switches.

With a licensed electrician, you don’t have to do the legwork to obtain a permit for your electrical requirements. Your professional is required by law to possess a permit from the Province to complete any installations or electrical services in your home. Reliable specialists also carry insurance, which protects you from covering their workplace compensations in the event of a mishap.

To ensure your electrician has the necessary paperwork to sort out your electrical installations or inspection requirements, it’s vital to choose a licensed, registered, and insured company with experienced individuals whom you can trust and enjoy working with during your full basement renovation project.

If you’re wondering what it costs to enlist the services of a trained electrician, you’ll be pleased to know that the typical charge is between $70 and $100 per hour. However, this depends on the type, size, and location of your project. Anything less than this should alert you that the person you are contacting is either new to the market, lacks polished skills, or isn’t licensed by the State.

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