How To Judge The Quality Of Electrical Inspections

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Did you know that electrical inspections are not only a necessity when purchasing a house but also when updating your electricals? By getting your system inspected, your electrician will be able to tell you exactly what needs to be done next. The inspection will also help them determine what kinds of upgrades must be added and the type of fixes that need to be made.

However, before you book an electrical inspection, you need to choose a professional capable of delivering high-quality inspections. Only an inspection following high standards will show you the real flaws and shortcomings of an electrical set up. To help you ensure your electrician conducts a thorough inspection, Growler Electrical Automation Ltd has explained how to judge the quality of electrical inspections.

1. Knowledge
Ask your electrical expert as many questions as possible to get a good understanding of your electrical work and why changes need to be made. If they struggle to provide you with clear answers or offer vague and unsatisfactory details, look for another electrical contractor or inspector who can thoroughly answer your questions.

2. Experience
The years of experience an electrical contractor has will tell you just how much they know about their field. You will also have the option of looking through or learning about the kind of projects they have worked on in the past and if they can handle your requirements.

3. Qualifications
Before agreeing to hire an electrician, you need to know if they have the qualifications and training to offer you the services you want. If they are not registered professionals and lack training, they may miss critical flaws in your electrical system that could impair your safety and the system’s overall reliability.

4. Cost of service
Another vital aspect that can help you measure the quality of an electrical inspection is the cost of the service. Too low, and it could mean that it is not as per standards, too high, and you could be overspending.

5. Referrals
As part of your research on electrical inspections, make sure to go through the referrals of your electrical expert. This will give you insights into the kind of work that they do and the level of quality and satisfaction they provide.

For more tips on verifying the quality of an electrical inspection and other services, reach out to Growler Electrical Automation Ltd. We are residential and commercial electricians in Calgary, AB, and our owner has twenty years of field experience, electrical apprenticeship mentoring, and formal and factory specific training. Under his guidance, we offer a broad range of electrical solutions like installing and repairing commercial HVAC control systems, commercial and residential electrical projects, and commercial or home automation systems. We even inspect electrical work for clients to ensure the safe installation of new electrical elements.

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