A Resource Guide To Your Electrical Needs

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As professionals, we need to keep updated on the latest trends in the electrical contracting business and find new sources of creative inspiration while staying connected to other professionals. 

To stay current, we use a variety of online and offline sources to provide our clients with accurate information while strengthening our business and relationships. These tools allow us to provide exceptional service to all our clients, ensuring they receive the most up to date electrical solutions.

If you’re looking for the latest trends in the electrical industry, we’re going to share some of our most valuable resources for all things related to electrical contracting. 

Manufacturers’ Websites
We access information from manufacturers’ websites to explore the range of products available and learn more about the safety and operation of the electrical equipment. 

Manufacturers’ Training 
Most manufacturers offer online or in-person training on electrical manufacturers’ products, information about installation methods, safety standards, etc. This knowledge allows us to add value to our offerings. 

Safety Codes Council
Safety Codes Council
 are codes established for a range of safety disciplines used to keep the public safe in the places they live, work, and play.

Canadian Electrical Code
The Canadian Electrical Code is a standard published by the Canadian Standards Association. They provide safety standards for installing and maintaining electrical equipment in Canada. 

Industry Professionals 
Most of the knowledge we possess is due to our partnership and constant interaction with various industry professionals such as engineers, qualified tradesmen, etc. 

Wholesalers & Suppliers
Wholesalers and suppliers understand the electrical business market, and so they offer us insight into the latest products, share their knowledge about market pricing, and so on. 

We read all our instruction manuals of our electrical equipment to ensure we follow the safety standards and guidelines. 

Other Qualified Tradesmen
We often interact with other qualified tradesmen who share their valuable input and advice about the electrical industry, so the learning process is continuous. 

If we’re looking for trusted information about any miscellaneous or uncommon item, we run a quick search on Google. 

Trade Organizations
Trade organizations have provided us with a host of learning opportunities as well as allowed us to network with like-minded professionals. 

Whether you’re planning on installing a fire alarm system or replace a lighting unit, these resources can be a wonderful starting point. When you’re ready to take the next step, reach out to Growler Electrical Automation Ltd. for all your electrical needs.

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