Six Electrical Hacks To Help Any DIY’er

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Most people have been spending large amounts of time at home, working on different DIY (Do it Yourself) projects. Working on projects on your own has multiple advantages and can teach you a lot. Working on do-it-yourself tasks, in general, might be difficult for some, but if you follow the guidelines, you will get through. However, there are some tasks that you cannot go wrong with, especially when it comes to DIY electrical work.

While every house has at some point had an issue with some electrical appliances not working the way that it should, most people generally get help. However, some might venture down the road of fixing it themselves, especially as they have more time now. Unfortunately, trying to fix issues that involve electricity, if not done correctly, can cause serious issues, including setting the house on fire or getting someone electrocuted, so it would be wise to get assistance if needed.

That said, there are ways and means to work on some DIY electrical tasks safely. To help you carry out this work safely, Growler Electrical Automation Ltd. has put together six electrical hacks to help any DIY’er.

Hack #1: Remove a broken light bulb with a potato (once the power is off)
We are pretty sure that you have not heard about this one before. Using a potato prevents the person, removing the bulb from getting an electric shock. Cut the potato in half and use it to break the rest of the glass off. Then press it against the broken light bulb and rotate it to unscrew the bulb from its socket. Always double-check and switch off the light bulb before getting this done.

Hack #2: Replace your smoke detectors with the same type and harness
All smoke detectors being of the same brand and harness makes it a lot easier to change them. Also, you do not need to hire someone to assist with these changes, as anyone can change it, without worrying about fixtures being the right size and so on.

Hack #3: Use an electrical fish rod and stud finder to fish in new electrical wires
Working with simple solutions and equipment, if done correctly, minimizes the holes in the casing that reduces the amount of work needed when patching it up later. Doing things the right way, through household items can be very beneficial as compared to handling them in a hurry and having issues in the long run.

Hack #4: Use the radio to know when an unlabeled circuit is shut off
Working with the radio goes a long way with minimizing shutting down items. In most cases, the radio picks up feedback and can tell the electrician which unlabeled circuits are working and which ones are not.

Hack #5: Use a stud finder with an electrical wire sensor to find buried electrical wires
Much like mentioned earlier, these are simple solutions with items that most people might have lying around their houses, that they can use to make their work easier. Using a stud finder detects the metal from the buried wire, thereby minimizing cutting patches and telling you exactly where the wire is.

Hack #6: Use a “Volt tick” to quickly know if an electrical circuit is on
Using a volt tick helps tell if there is current passing through a wire, thereby preventing the individual, working on the switchboard or wire from getting an electric shock. 

One of the most significant rules when working with wires is to be careful. You never know which wire could be live, especially when working on older houses. In many cases, these places do not have wiring plans for wires in the walls, which can even make drilling that much tricker. We at Growler Electrical Automation Ltd. are more than happy to work with our clients to assist them with all of their electrical needs. Working in this industry for almost two decades, we did manage to learn a few things along the way and are happy to pass that knowledge to our technicians willing to assist and solve all your electricity-related issues.

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