Why You Shouldn’t DIY Electrical Device Replacements

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Everyone is creative in some form or the other and keen on saving money by doing certain tasks around the house themselves. Moreover, if you’re a fan of DIY TV shows or online programs, you’ve probably tried your hand at a few creative home projects by now. If you’ve been successful at the simpler tasks, you may feel more confident about taking on bigger or more technical projects like electrical installations and replacements.

However, while DIY electrical device installations look exciting and simple on the TV or internet, they can be pretty tough without the necessary experience, knowledge, and tools. Not to mention, there’s so much that can go wrong when you least expect it. To help you see what we mean, Growler Electrical Automation Ltd. has explained below why you shouldn’t DIY electrical device replacements.

1. Electrical shocks or fires
Yes, these safety hazards are a real possibility when performing electrical device replacements. If you aren’t careful, you could get electrocuted during the installation. Or, the person using the device after installation could also be electrocuted. Similarly, if the wires are not connected properly, you may instigate a fire that could burn down your home, causing destruction and injury.

2. Financial implications
In the event of a fire or electrocution, there are high possibilities of damaged property and injury. To repair and rebuild, you will have to speak to your insurance company or pay for the damage yourself. Usually, if an electrical fire is caused by the work of an individual without a license, the insurance company may not cover the damages. Similarly, if you sustain injuries due to a fire or electrical shock, you’ll need to foot hefty medical bills. There are also chances of complications with your medical or life insurance when you try to claim coverage.

Do things right - Hire a professional!
Usually, an electrician needs a license to perform any electrical installations in your home. To obtain this license, the electrician must acquire proper training and pass the necessary examinations. This will help curb improper installation and code infractions, which sometimes require additional costs (like drywall and finishing costs).

If you plan on installing your own electrical devices yourself in your own home, you can. But, you must have the necessary electrical components and tool knowledge. That way, you can handle the job without stress or complications.

If you don’t have the required know-how, it’s best to hire a certified professional. They will provide you with the correct information so you can acquire the ideal devices and other materials for installation in your home. Once these items are obtained, the electrician will use the appropriate tools and skills to install them. Just make sure that the electrician you choose is certified, licensed, and insured.

The cost of hiring a professional electrician is usually $85.00 to $125.00 per hour, which isn’t much when you consider the longevity of their work, and the safety it promises.

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